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This is a collective of my photography, videos and time-lapses.

All Images are available for print.

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Joshua Tree Sunrise.

Wyoming Wildscapes II from Nicolaus Wegner on Vimeo.

Please read this before you ask to use the video. Will save us both some time. ;]

It was one hell of a journey during the fourteen months making Wyoming Wildscapes II, my second and final Wyoming related time lapse project. Had plenty of adventures while working on this. Lightning almost got me a couple of times this summer, gear froze up in the winter (literally), and broke a few times (don’t think most of the time lapse gear was meant for extended wilderness backpacking), all that fun stuff. Despite any minor set backs, this was without a doubt one of the most fulfilling personal projects I’ve ever undertaken. Saw some pretty amazing stuff along the way, this part of the country never ceases to amaze and surprise me.

Song is ‘Dance of the Seven Sisters’ - by Ghost Kollective

Thanks for watching!
Ghost Kollective did an absolutely amazing job on the custom track. I’ve enabled the tip jar and any tips given will be sent to Ghost K (through my lightalivephotography paypal) for creating this track without seeking payment. Or you can cut out the middle man, do one better, and buy some of their music!

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Some long winded stuff here for anyone interested in reading more about Wyoming Wildscapes II, including a bit about licensing.

Reminisce - Joshua Garner from Stricko on Vimeo.

In the coming months I have decided to release a series of clips featuring the best of what myself and friends Nic Barclay, Tom Jennings & Luke Waylan have filmed in Western Australia and surrounds. Previously stacking these clips for something bigger and better I just feel up until recently I had lost the drive needed to get shit done.

Firstly, I’d like to reintroduce good friend Joshua Garner. Mates for the last 10 years we decided to strip it all back real raw and just call it how we see it. Filmed on location in WA,SA & The US with Josh on Electric, I present Reminisce.

Enjoy -Stricko

Tiny Sydney from Filippo Rivetti on Vimeo.

A short tilt-shift film showing the city of Sydney.
Tilt-shift effect applied in post-production.
Shot from Bondi Beach, Sydney Tower Eye, Pylon Lookout, Dudley Page Reserve.
Thanks to the Four Seasons Hotel for allowing me to film from the roof terrace and from a beautiful suite with views on the Harbor (
From sequences commissioned by Expedia.

Edited with LRTimelapse, After Effect.
Music: Olive Musique - Only Human

Equipment used:
Cameras: Canon 5DIII and 7D
Lenses: Canon 16-35mm f/2.8, 70-200mm f/2.8, 24mm f/1.4, Zeiss 50mm 1.4

All sequences available up to 4K resolution. for inquiries.
or at Nimia:

Visit my website at:

MIRRORLAPSE from Rick Mereki on Vimeo.

Unmirrored directors cut :)
The creation of beautiful new landscapes.
Constructed from over 2000 photos.

Shot on the beautiful island of Gran Canaria

Watch in HD :)

Shot, edited & directed by RICK MEREKI


Thanks so much to

CIRO CABRERA HERRERA & BEA RIVERO for your help, support and cool bananas.
CRISTINA REBOLO, SERGIO SALATA and everyone at 28 y medio.

Filmed as part of the 7stories project.

Nearly two years of filming has finally finished. #freedom

Snapper Storm Surf from Justin Besser on Vimeo.

Spent an hour down at Snapper Rocks on the boarder of NSW/QLD after ex-cyclone oswald had marched down the coast last Jan 2013.
The water had turned brown and had brought some messy swell along with it, a couple of surfers braved the shifting conditions and well below average water quality to nab a couple of waves.
A few moments from that day

Camera - Canon 7D
Lens - 24-70mm, 70-200mm

Conversations from the 35th floor from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

Short test edit/ teaser for my “Rear Window-esque” Timelapse/ Video/ Audio short film of the same name to see how it plays out. Made in association with The Cosmopolitan Of Las Vegas where it was all filmed, from the hotel suite corner terrace balcony on the 35th floor (room 3514) over 9 days before, during and after the NAB 2013 show.

Huge thanks to LensProToGo for the additional lenses! Life savers!!

It will finally be released after a huge amount of work, late 2nd quarter of 2014.

This has truly been a massive project from the 8 cameras working continuously over the 9 days plus the 1DC being used for the 4K video. Audio was captured mostly with a Zoom H1 tucked into my blazer breast pocket to capture the natural sound bites of people walking past. The only thing that was captured away from the balcony. The audio. So I capture the “conversations”.

I have around 3 million+ photographs, many terabytes of 4K video and very importantly lots of audio. All worthwhile though as the material I have captured was well worth the effort and I hope the finished film will do it justice.

This is easily the biggest and most complicated edit I have done. To be totally frank, I completely underestimated how long it would take to create the finished film in’s a tapestry of time-lapse/ video and audio and finding the right mix is challenging.

Then there is the computing power grunt. Something I have been lacking in with only an iMac and MacBook Pros until I recently got a new MacPro. Suddenly everything is way easier and faster to work with. After all this is being edited in native 4K with no proxies which are hard to work with when doing time-lapse editing.

I do need some more real audio snippets for the finished film from Las Vegas which I will capture whilst at NAB in April.

The motion control timelpase rig is the truly amazing and mind bogglingly innovative Cinedrive by Kessler available at

Music is courtesy of The Music Bed
Lost In Translation by AJ Hochhalter

Graded with FilmConvert. 10% with code bloom at

Cameras used in this edit are the 7D and the Nikon D800 for the time-lapse plus the 1DC for the video. Additional cameras used for the full edit are 2x 5Dmk3, 1x 5dMk2. 1x 7Ds, 1 1DMKiV and a 60D.

Audio is from the Zoom H1

Steadicam Showreel 2.0 from Justin Besser on Vimeo.

Justin Besser / Besser Visuals - Steadicam Showreel

Projects included
(Music Video) Jessica Mauboy - End of the Earth
DOP - James Brown, Camera - Sony F65

(Interstitials) National Geographic
DOP - Sam Collins, Camera - Canon C300

(Music DVD) Flume - Infinity Prism Tour
DOP - Justin Besser, Camera - Sony F55

(Commerical) National Library of Australia
DOP - James Brown, Camera - RED Scarlett

(Short Film) Jack & Jill
DOP - Nino Tamburri, Camera - RED One

Soundtrack / Oisima - Sukatma